About Lemond

Lemond is a purely Greek company that has been active in the sea fishing sector since 1990.

The main species we produce are sea bream and sea bass. Our commitment is to provide fish of high nutritional value, always focusing on the needs of our customers.

Lemond management is made up of experienced executives who managed to establish the company’s dynamic growth track based on private funds.

Today, we are a highly competitive commercial company with state-of-the-art facilities located in the Kakia Skala Amarynthos area.

Lemond today:

  • Production capacity of 2.500 tons of sea bream and sea bass
  • Pre-fattening units of 4.500 cubic meters
  • Fish hatchery with a production capacity of 30.000.000 juvenile fishes
  • Ultramodern packing centre of fresh and frozen fish
  • Filleting and evisceration of catches unit