Company History

Lemond started in 1990 as a commercial company in the sector of fish catches, having as its main activity the export of Greek sea products to the European market. In parallel, it succeeded in building strong bonds with the largest European catches commercial companies and in starting the import of top quality products into the Greek market.

Our company, having a high sense of responsibility concerning the quality of its products, achieved a leading position in the trade of seawater catches, thus becoming the top Greek export company in its sector in 1996.

The leading role of Lemond in the catches trade and our strong motivation for even greater achievements led, in 1997, to the acquisition of the 50% of the Greek company Aquatic Life, an event which signaled our entry into the production of Mediterranean catches.

Market demands plus our goal for total control over the quality of our products led Lemond to the construction of its own packing center, in which the most sophisticated fresh and frozen fish packing machinery and materials are used.

1999 marked the year in which our production plant was reinforced, through a series of investments and acquisitions, like the acquisition of the total number of shares of the Greek company Atalanti SA and the completion of the acquisition of the remaining 50% of Aquatic Life. The complete absorption of the two companies was finalized in 2001, gradually giving Lemond its current form

The result of the above strategic moves was the creation of a completely vertically-integrated company with its own fattening units, land-based pre-fattening installations, packing center and fish hatchery facilities.

In 2016, our company’s successful course over many years, led to the complete modernization of our means of production with the construction of sophisticated facilities of a total capacity of 2.500 tons fattening systems, 4.300 cubic meters for pre-fattening plus a fish hatchery with a capacity of 30.000.000 juvenile fishes

Lemond’s exclusive dedication to the sectors of production and trade of high quality Mediterranean catches, without ever deviating from its strategic goals, brought the company to the indisputable position it now holds in its field.